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Regular exercise is not just about how we look, it’s about how we FEEL. And being a mama, both during pregnancy and well into the postnatal period, is a time in our lives when we face so many physical and mental challenges – so more than ever it’s important that we are able to move well, move regularly and move with CONFIDENCE, knowing that the workouts we’re doing are designed exactly for where we’re at.

Come and join a community of mums (new and not so new!) and mums-to-be who will help you feel supported and mentally and physically stronger through your ‘mama’ journey. The live workouts are all 40min long and I offer a mix of strength-based and bodyweight workouts – but if you don’t have dumbbells you can easily improve with household objects, like tins of beans or bottles of water!

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Your subscription entitles you to:

  • 3 live ‘Mama’ classes per week (saved in a Catch Up Library for later use if you miss it live)
  • Access to the ‘Something is Better than Nothing’ Library: a collection of on demand, 15min workouts that are easy to fit into your day – and of course, all designed with the pre and/or postnatal mama in mind
  • Access to the Mama Movement Library: A series of coaching videos for all the major movements used in class, and tips and strategies of how to modify these if and when you need to
  • Discount on workshops and courses

The Virtual Studio is subscription based.
You will be billed £20 per month (every 4 weeks) from the date you subscribe. (To be added at the end of Jan)
You can cancel at anytime via email.

Please review the following before purchasing ‘The Virtual Studio’ subscription. Lulu Adams is qualified and insured to Level 3 Personal Trainer with Premier Global and holds advanced qualifications in pre and postnatal fitness with Burrell Education. She strongly recommends that you consult with your GP before beginning any exercise programme if you feel you have any pre-existing health conditions. Please note that this subscription and the live workouts are designed with the pregnant or postnatal mum in mind – but if postnatal you must be at least six weeks postpartum, have GP clearance to begin exercise, and if you are experiencing any symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse or Diastasis recti, you should ideally consult with a women’s health physio about these symptoms prior to joining any live classes. Whilst Lulu can help you find ways to move around your symptoms and modify your workouts, she cannot diagnose medical conditions of any kind. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath OR any of the symptoms listed in our Guidelines to Exercise* at any time while exercising, you should stop immediately. When participating in any exercise in The Virtual Studio there will be a possibility of physical injury. If you engage in The Virtual Studio workouts you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Lulu Adams from any claims. This programme offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for professional medical advice. The use of any information provided is at your own risk.


Movement Library

Click here to get some coaching tips on some of the main movements we use in class.

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15min On Demand Classes

Because something is better than nothing! Includes longer warm ups, mobility flows, cardio blasts and quick strength sessions to do in your own time.

Lets Train



Click here to log into class. Regular classes are 1pm Tuesdays, 9.30am Thursdays and 8.30am Saturdays GMT.

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