Baby Mama To Be: How To Enjoy An Active Pregnancy (e-book)


We know we’re encouraged to stay active during pregnancy, but it’s important that we train smart during this time.

So I have put together this eBook to help you understand how to navigate the physiological changes going on in your body as your pregnancy progresses: I highlight what areas of the body we need to focus on to remain strong and keeps aches and pains at bay, and most importantly, exactly how we can do that from home.

The eBook contains both bodyweight and strength-based (dumbbell) workouts suitable for each trimester, including coaching videos for the strength workouts so you can be sure you’re getting your form spot on. I also go into detail about how to connect with, and stay connected with, your core and pelvic floor throughout, plus I’ve included plenty of tips on prepping for labour and the postnatal period.

I’ll be hosting live pregnancy fitness classes throughout the autumn so I can bring the book to life for you, and I would love for you to join my Facebook community, Move Mama where you can reach out with any difficulties you might be facing, or questions relating to the eBook or the workouts.

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