2.0 LIVE

6 week LIVE course*
Starting Monday 22nd May

The hugely successful Postnatal Course is BACK. 

And I think it’s the best round yet. I’ve streamlined it to make it easier to fit in around a little one (and unpredictable nights/days) but still give you the BREAD AND BUTTER behind a successful return to exercise after having a baby.

But hear me out…

This is not a standard workout programme.

 This is a coaching course – this is me imparting knowledge on you to understand your body better, and to help you build solid foundations for returning to exercise (and dishing out plenty of movement along the way).

The Postnatal Course LIVE 2.0 is based around weekly (live) ‘coaching calls’ where I talk you through what we’re exploring and why – and then we play around with some movement.

There are 1-2 coaching calls every week – every other Monday at 9.30am and Thursdays at 1pm.

 We talk pelvic floor. We talk core. We talk breathing. We talk nervous systems. We talk REST (that elusive thing new parents seem to miss out on…). We talk mobility. We talk about SMART strength training that serves a purpose for recalibrating your body after pregnancy.

 In terms of movement, alongside the interactive coaching calls, I also build you a personalised Body Mechanics programme, which is developed as we progress through the Course, and this becomes your focus.

 You ALSO get pre-recorded workouts alongside this every week – to do in your own time, to complement the work you’re doing in your Body Mechanics programme.

 So if you’re looking to set yourself up with the knowledge and confidence to OWN your return to exercise – and if you’re looking to do it alongside like-minded mums and with an experienced coach by your side, you’re in the right place.  

If you’re interested in applying for a spot, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch – I am allocating the limited spaces based on a first come, first serve basis but also trying to ensure that the Course is really going to benefit you.

Suitable from 6 weeks postpartum – but open to all of those yet to get back into any structured training.

£175 for six weeks of the ‘live’ coaching course PLUS six further weeks of access to Course materials and a six-week workout plan to follow once the live course has concluded.

“Women will always be able to find a personal trainer but what is much harder to find is a trainer who cares about YOU and your goals. Lulu cares. Not only is Lulu extremely knowledgeable on postpartum exercise and wellbeing, she has the very unique gift of looking after us during one of the most vulnerable times in our lives and making us feel like we can do something for ourselves. The passion for what she does shines through in every session. There is no other trainer I would recommend to see for pregnant and postpartum health and fitness training and support. Looking forward to what’s next on my journey with Lulu”


– Emma