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Hi, I’m Lulu!

As a pre and postnatal exercise specialist, I help mums to navigate and understand the changes the body goes through during pregnancy and beyond and support them to continue to enjoy movement while they’re at it.

However, I’m also a firm believer that it’s not just about keeping moving: understanding how our emotional landscape – how we talk to ourselves, and how we feel about movement can have a big impact on our wellbeing too.

Which is why I’m big on explaining the WHY: helping you to understand why our bodies maybe aren’t capable of doing what we want them to right now. It’s a huge part of the process.

I’m a mum of three myself, and I’ve been through three very different journeys, loaded with both physical and emotional challenges. So I understand just how unique every journey is, and coaching mums through the ‘not so straight forward’ journeys is something I love more than anything.

Those ‘aha’ moments when you suddenly get it, when you suddenly don’t feel overwhelmed by the physical changes you’re experiencing and you start enjoying your movement and being kind to yourself – that’s where the magic is.

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