My name is Lulu Adams, and I am a women’s fitness coach, offering strength-based fitness programmes for mums (new and not so new!) and mums to be.

Over the last decade in my work as a coach, and particularly since I’ve become a mother, I’ve learnt to embrace every aspect of women’s health and integrate it into my programming, so that EVERY woman feels confident enough to move regularly – and most importantly, enjoy movement.

I’ve gained advanced qualifications in pre and postnatal exercise prescription through Burrell Education, spoken at and taught classes at Women’s Health Live, helped develop and present a six-month postnatal training plan with FIIT, planned and managed the fitness elements at the Mummy Tribe postnatal retreats, and have progressed my coaching skills under the mentorship of Joslyn Thompson Rule. And because I believe learning never stops, I am currently studying courses run by physios Anthony Lo and Munira Hudani.

My programmes and classes, both online and in person reflect my passion for empowering women to move with confidence: they are designed to teach you how to move intuitively and with intention, so that you get the most out of your workouts, and so your workouts actually complement your life as a whole and the physical and emotional demands that it places on you*

I honestly believe that movement is medicine, movement is good for the soul, and movement can help you become the strongest, most confident you yet. 

*As a mother of two young daughters who were born just 20 months apart, and especially now I’m pregnant with my third (!), I can totally relate to the fact that life as a mum IS both physically and emotionally demanding!

If you want to learn more about my coaching style, and pick up a few clever hacks to get more out of YOUR training, download my free eBook ‘Ten Tips for Training Smarter in 2020