Lets move mama!

Whether your pregnancy or postnatal recovery is relatively straightforward OR if you’re working around pelvic health issues, let me help you enjoy and embrace fitness as a way to stay strong in both body and mind.

I offer live classes, 1:1 and small group coaching sessions and workshops for mums (new and not so new!) and mums-to-be

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Lulu makes my sessions fun, enjoyable and tailor made to my needs. She is seriously knowledgeable on the female body and I like that she explains what we’re doing as well as why. Definitely the best investment!


Lulu is a stickler for good form and as a result I learnt more than I have in years of home/gym workouts. Her knowledge is vast but she manages to convey everything in a simple and approachable way. This is what I think sets her apart from other PT’s, she is engaging and encouraging, knowing when to push you but also a big advocate of listening to your body.


Lulu has changed the way I workout which has helped me feel more confident in a gym on my own. I always come away happy and looking forward to the next session.


Lulu has given me so much help and support, and thanks to her extensive pre and postnatal knowledge she’s given me total confidence to workout and thus stay fit and healthy following the birth of my son. Her sessions are always so fabulously varied and tailored specifically to me and what I need on any particular week!


Lulu’s technical knowledge is phenomenal, but importantly she also makes training fun whilst knowing JUST when to squeeze that extra lunge, burpee or press up out of you to make it count…!


Lulu is the perfect balance between professional and supportive and does everything at the individual pace of the client, while challenging and getting great results for them. She is caring, thorough and most of all a lot of fun!


Lulu’s guidance was crucial to my recovery following the birth of my daughter and has meant I can continue to feel strong and fit now I am a mum. Her knowledge of pre and postnatal fitness is exceptional and as a mum herself she completely understands the complexities of trying to juggle it all


My 10 Tips For Training Smarter In 2020

I’ve put together ten tips that I think all women could benefit from when approaching their training, which are tips that I use with all my 1:1 clients and include some clever little hacks to get your body doing what you want it to do plus some general technique advice for common movement patterns, because these are the ones I see done poorly, or inefficiently by lots of women everywhere.

Binky & Me

My Postnatal Recovery Ebook

Get your copy of the comprehensive eBook that I’ve written with my bestie Binky Felstead on the topic of postnatal recovery and returning to fitness after having a baby. Follow the step by step plan that Binks followed in getting back into her regular workouts after India was born.